The first step to divorce is eye contact!

I’ll stand here today, and I’ll say that ‘I Do’.
Don’t touch me I swear that I’ll set you alight.
I love what you say, and I love what you do.
I hate when you come home and start up a fight.

5 I want to be loved and I want to be needed.
I want you to die then I’ll dance on your grave.
I want to be part of a life unimpeded
There’s only one life that I needed to save.

Our lives brought together by fate can’t you see?
10 I messed up that night when my friends asked me out.
It was always the two of us. We’re meant to be.
The way you got angry. The way you would shout.

I wanted you then and I still want you now.
The thought of your hands on my skin makes me sick.
15 I love you as much as my soul will allow.
I knew on that first night that you’d be a dick.

As lovers we sailed on an ocean of light.
The thought of your children still makes my skin crawl.
I still want you next to me each brand-new night.
20 If I had the chance you’d be bricked in a wall.

My feelings have piqued as our lives seem to meld
I need a new life as you’ve tarnished my youth.
My rage and disgust you have silently quelled.
I don’t mind admitting, I’ve failed. That’s the truth

25 The way that you look at me gladdens my heart.
I look in your eyes and I want so much pain.
I don’t think I’d live if we drifted apart.
I wish you’d just perish again, and again.

Our future seems set with the family we make.
30 You want to have children? Now that makes me sick.
I’ll give you, my body. All friends I’ll forsake.
I’d rather suck shotguns and yes, rather die.

You loved me I’m sure from the first time we met.
My God what’s the point? Were still living your lie.
35 Our hearts intertwined. Yes, I’ll stay in your debt.
It’s the first time I’ve taken your drugs and got high.

Together forever the way it should be
I can’t stand this life. Your intentions I doubt
When I’m here with you, and when you’re here with me.
40 I’ll try for an overdose; I need an out.

Published by dec247h

Ex soldier, father, party girl and generally nice guy taking time out to do as he pleases! one day i will make it back to the UK, but i aint in a hurry!

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