Hard core Amazonian

To deal with e-commerce, you court death indeed. unparalleled bullshit, unscrupulous greed. The faceless uncaring, the eyes in the skies, with their in build deception, and gratuitous lies. To keep or send back all the shit you’ve been conned into buying, your temper has gone way beyond what you thought was a rational or irksome … More Hard core Amazonian

Swipe Right

Swipe right, I’m sure all contacts gone, No first date nerves, no sly ‘C’mon’ She’s got the app, she must be game! I’ll just swipe left, they’re all the same. A common thread connects our ‘likes’ We love outdoors and mountain bikes, To take long walks and catch the sun Whilst holding hands and having … More Swipe Right

What is abuse?

Strap in guys. This is a serious one today. People who put things inside kids, abuse? Of course it it. Sick fucks who propel the internet looking for Child Porn. Peodophiles who hang around schools and playgrounds (when they haven’t any kids of their own….but sometimes they have) it’s not confined to men of course. … More What is abuse?

Morning in Durham

Empty streets, I walk around to find somewhere for food. The cafes, clubs and restaurants are all closed! That’s no good. If I want a roll, or slice, there’s plenty scope for that. But no! I want a full English. I crave the bacon fat. So, up and down I wander calm, all free from … More Morning in Durham