Have you ever scrolled right through the emails that were sent to you? From spammers, friends and fuck knows who. You may have lots, you may have few!

I took a look the other day, surprised myself though, I must say. I have three hundred (none I’ve read) those from .Gov fill me with dread!

At least I have no debtors list, or so I think, well, none I’ve missed. No one comes tapping on my screen, such debt collectors never seen.

What ho! A message from a friend, I’ll pen an answer then press send. I wonder what he wants from me? Oh fuck! It’s money, I’ll leave that be.

I’ll press delete and tick them all. There’s far too many to install on disc or hard drive. I’ll forestall and answer none! I have that gall 🙂

Published by dec247h

Ex soldier, father, party girl and generally nice guy taking time out to do as he pleases! one day i will make it back to the UK, but i aint in a hurry!

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