Hard core Amazonian

To deal with e-commerce, you court death indeed. unparalleled bullshit, unscrupulous greed. The faceless uncaring, the eyes in the skies, with their in build deception, and gratuitous lies.

To keep or send back all the shit you’ve been conned into buying, your temper has gone way beyond what you thought was a rational or irksome mild state, into something akin to a nazi type hate.

It’s the future of buying, you’re told everyday from the media darlings and the bollocks they say just to get you to part with your hard worked for cash so that small high street shops disappear with the trash.

I really can’t argue, I’ve done my fair share of buying true shit from those trolls in the air as they tempt me with half truths and blind me with lust .I’ve bought two black truffles, I sit in disgust!

But what to do next when I’m downing the jack as the Amazon fairies side up to my back and they whisper sweet things in my ears that I want? Should I fling them aside and then act nonchalant?

But of course I’ll press ‘BUY’ as that button loves me, I can see that it’s wanting being fingered by me but the orgasm screams from the wrong partners mouth as another two hundred flies off to the south.

A surprise for the postman delivering crap to my door. I should ask him to give me a slap every time that a package lands at the depot so that I learn my lesson. Oh shit I must go.

Another delivery? Oh what’s it this time? I haven’t drank Jack for a very long time, has it flown in from China, a Doodad a thing? I shall open it later, it’s going to sting.

The moral I reach from my utterance here, is to not drink JD at this time of the year when my laptops switched in and i’m pissed out my brain, I’ll just open my wallet and click ‘buy’ again.

Published by dec247h

Ex soldier, father, party girl and generally nice guy taking time out to do as he pleases! one day i will make it back to the UK, but i aint in a hurry!

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