Thank fuck that’s done.

Christmas 2017, what a load of bollocks. No, seriously, bored, fed up, un-bothered AND I can’t wait for the next few days to come and go like an SAS patrol through Belfast. It all started when a few of us met up for food and talk the other day. The food was fantastic, some sort of bbq done while you wait. Plus I told them it was my birthday, so I was given a free JD (well, alternative) some beef jerky and a lovely smile from the waitress. Winner!

From there, I did nothing! Well not nothing, I went on the piss that evening for ‘black eye’ Friday. I didn’t even hear a raised voice let alone watch a good old tussle in the wet! The bugger is, I didn’t even get drunk. Tipsy, by not smashed out my skull as I had intended. Maybe that was because the doctors said I was fat…

When I say fat, I mean they said my ‘cholesterol’ was high. 8.1 whatever that means. I did ask if that was an even spread of good and bad cholesterol, but the numpty couldn’t tell me. So that makes me wonder how many people are being put on ‘Statins’ that don’t need them. I mean, if it was five good and 3 bad cholesterol points, then I’m Okay. But no, it’s just 8 in total. I wonder…….

On a major plus side (for me) I managed to get my ‘Graflex 2.0’ chassis done and put into the hilt (very nerdy shit there wasn’t it?) so now I have an original light sabre… but wait… there’s more. NEWSFLASH… yesterday my fully working Romanprops series 1 Graflex 3 Cell flash arrived. As close to the original prop as you can get without spending your inheritance buying a real one held by Mark Hamill. So now I think I have a bit of a collection. Fuck.

So now I sit in my old haunt of a coffee shop, contemplating what to do next, no point shopping as my groceries were delivered at eight o’clock this morning, (I’m a blossoming hermit with a withering sense of the outdoors. Does that make me a fledgling capitalist? With my ever bulging collection of laser swords and weaponry, I really couldn’t give a fuck. I’m a fat student with a penchant for death and destruction (in my head) so happy new year fuckers.

Published by dec247h

Ex soldier, father, party girl and generally nice guy taking time out to do as he pleases! one day i will make it back to the UK, but i aint in a hurry!

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