A strange day

A strange day indeed. An hour of lectures this morning (an hour of listening and doodling tbh) I tried, oh I tried to follow the thread of the words. Not a chance. Anyhoo, I do know it was about zombies and the West Indies (I would have loved to record it but in my haste to get home yesterday, I forgot to switch my recording device off and consequently ran me phuckin batteries down……loser!

No Halloween door knickers last night, no wee goblins no beasties no teenage boys wearing a hockey mask thinking that would be enough to get sweets. I just sat in the dark watching how to tickle kittens (no euphemism intended) and researched my assignment questions! Proper studious night (apart from the kittens) at least now I have a semblance of a clue about what is expected of me.

Tonight however, is a reading night. A book I should have read ages ago has suddenly bit me in the arse, I know it’s not long, but just getting into the spirit of a novel written by an embittered feminist alcoholic is taking is toll on my kitten tickling time. So I guess a bottle of wine to ease me in will be the usual Wednesday evening fare. My only problem there, is that I really want something from the internet. I do, I really want it and I can see myself pressing ‘one touch buy’ without hesitation when I’m deep in my cups!!! Here’s to bravery!

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