That was the week that was!

What a stormer! What a belter of a week that was! Except, it’s not finished yet 😩 I seem to have accrued a plethora of reading material from Amazon prime (cheap second hand stuff is always a winner) let me regale you with my tale of whoa!!!!

Sunday, Great North Run. Now as many of you may have been under the illusion that I had been training for this jolly jaunt for months now, well, I hadn’t. I guessed I would just tip up and see how it went! I finished, I ran for ten miles then shuffled three. But I didn’t give up. So it just goes to show you that at 48, with NO training, and positive attitude, anything can be achieved. This year I’m joining the Uni Gym and I’ll do it again next year and wipe ages off my finish time.

Talking of Uni Gym, I’m now a filthy rotten stinking student! No really I am, I started at Northumbria Uni on Monday for freshers week and ate more pies and shit than required! But hey, when in uni…..Monday started with a little trepidation (I’ve got cream for that now) and because my legs had signed themselves on the ‘biff’ I went hobbling around like a castrated animal looking for a place to die!

Meeting my classmates reminded me of my first day at college (it was only last year, so not that bad actually) all those wide eyes bushy tailed kids living out for the first time with a bank account filled with debt before they even wrote a sentence, oh the joy! Obviously being the oldest there (even the tutors couldn’t remember the 80’s) I gravitated towards the front of the class so as not to be able to use a straw and blow paper bullets at the back of annoying heads.

The next two days filled with a lecture or two, a bit more class work and me signing up to the ‘mature students society’, and something else I can’t remember. But I did fine the student union bar and examined the bottom of a couple of jack Daniela glasses! (Not a bad price at all) I think I’m going to enjoy my time there, the Uni not the bar, and as long as the tutors realise I won’t be sitting quietly at the back in awe of their radiance, we will be fine. (But that’s for another time)

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Ex soldier, father, party girl and generally nice guy taking time out to do as he pleases! one day i will make it back to the UK, but i aint in a hurry!

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