Eight days a week

Tuesday/ Wednesday, whatever the fuck today is, it comes with great responsibility (haven't I heard that somewhere lease before?) As I sit here looking through a dirty old window, I'm reminded of the long lost era of my youth. A youth that was mostly misspent fucking around with useless shite! To be honest, that's how I'm feeling these days of summer holidays, I feel I'm just fucking around with useless shite! I really can't wait to get back into education.

I can't remember if I have already spilled the beans about UCAS confirming my place at Northumbria Uni, but they have! (Chuffed isn't a word I would associate with this feeling, more like sheer elation really) NOW I have a 'look forward to' (an old army term, although I still haven't ready that friggin book I'm supposed to) fuck it, I'll download the DVD!

The one thing I have achieved however, it I managed to procure a saw, an electric 'jigsaw' and electric jigsaw that will allow me to cut out the newly purchased plans on my freshly delivered wood! (I have t started yet, ergo the feeling of fucking around with useless shite) The anticipation of getting myself 'Up the Tits' in sawdust really does tickle me, however I must find out if me neighbours are in night shift first (I'm hating this civilian malarkey right now.

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