Fuck a duck

What an awful strange day today! For a Monday I haven’t had this much disappointment and happiness in an hour since I lost my virginity and realised I was a crap shag! (Thank God for the power of time and experience, and the fact she was a bit of a bike anyway, so it wasn’t all done to MY ineptness) I digress! Today! Still in bed and a phone call asking if I want my boiler replaced and new fireplace put in tomorrow not two weeks time! (Any other day I would have said yes, but as I KNOW they will take two days, I can’t take a day off school just for that) 

Then a dental appointment! A bit of fucking around for an hour first (as I had booked it at bloody dinner time) so out with Big Red and on with his new part! Looks cool, new and a bit flash (it’s only an infill but it doesn’t clap around like a twatted fish on a Japanese rice dish), winding him up to 120 on the back road, I felt I hadn’t played out for a while (well it HAD rained all weekend) then to the dentist! She poked and prodded then told me to fuck off for a year as there was bugger all to be done with me pegs! Buy an electric brush guys and use everyday 😀

As a reward for having fantastic mouth hygiene, I wanted to give myself a treat at Morpeth motorcycles with a cup of tea and a bacon and egg banjo! Fuck me if it isn’t shut for refurbishment! Gutted! Where else was I gonna get a decently priced breakfast? Oh well, posh nosh for this call sign and a ride back home to sort out my sociology and English homework….again! Bit inane tripe today, but sometimes you gotta live that life you’re given 

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