Like a rubber ball…

Tuesday! Yeah so what? It’s Tuesday and I’ve done bugger all for my fitness so far this week and I’ve ran out of days to get it done for the time being! Oh well, badminton tonight and a chance of redemption! Anyhoo! As I looked around my house this morning, it hit me that I really need to get my shit sorted when I write! Again, last night, I sat at the mac and gazed towards the screen for a minute or two while i contemplated rewriting my English discourse analysis, then I rewrote my discourse analysis! Completely! This is where I found some useful stuff for writing along the lines of others….

I had closely followed the ramblings of Faitclough, Koester and Moore in my scribbling the other night! Paraphrasing or copying in my own words? Then lo and behold, last night I was able to regale myself with something g that resembled some clever bloody writing! Seriously, as I wrote, I found myself researching myself and paraphrasing myself too! I know it sounds a bit strange, but the ideas of others are there in my own words passed through the sieve two times! Not watered down but expanded upon (I’ll get marked down for that I’m sure)

No real rant today, as I woke early(ish) and thought about what I was going to do! The first thing was to redux my panels on me bike (for the fifth time) luckily yesterday I found the part I needed on a Triumph website, roll on the weekend! So a bit of Battle Damage Repair (BDR), well an elastic band holding it on, and I was off. Only to a coffee shop for the obligatory brew and danish. (May as well while I can) trouble is, before I’ve even sat down, my order is being fulfilled, ‘just like “Cheers” the barista told me! (I’m not a woman that lunches, I’m a man that loafs) 

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Ex soldier, father, party girl and generally nice guy taking time out to do as he pleases! one day i will make it back to the UK, but i aint in a hurry!

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