A.C.A.B (except you Steve, you’re okay)

Rant! At Christmas? Me? RANT AT FUCKING CHRISTMAS. I will fucking rant my arse off today because of total arse wipes who think they are ABOVE the law (even when they are supposed to be UPHOLDING the fucking laws) the laws that have been passed down through generations of politicians and other elected shit swizzlers. This is a go at the local constabulary who have given up policing! Honestly they have taken off the shackles of any sort of law enforcement in Ashington now, so offenders, go ahead, offend (ain’t no fucker gonna give chase)

As I wombled up the Main Street today, I happened across a (nother) fucking retarded mother who had decided to park across double yellows in front of a zebra crossing AND a corner. She obviously was above any traffic laws of any kind ever. Now as she abandoned her car, she proceeded to loll about in the middle of the road not sure what to do! Then the daft fuckface beckoned her small fat idiot of a son to her, from behind the parked car into the path of a bus! Did they care? Did they fuck.

Right’, I thought, I know there is a copper van in the Main Street (I’ll get to this cunt later) so I Berliner my way there to see if they gave a fuck too! Did they fuck!!! Basically I was told it wasn’t their problem anymore. Traffic parking violations (double yellows/ hatched lines/ zebra crossing) they did not want to know. ‘Oh it’s not our problem anymore, it’s the councils’ this copper woman informed me. (I mention woman, because she fucking was) I was then informed it was down to the local council traffic wombles to act on any ‘offences’. CUNT! So off to the council I went.

They were happy to see me and explained that yes, it was now out of the boys and girls in blues hands and down to themselves to prosecute anyone found being a little tinker. ‘Right’, I thought again! (I do a lot of that don’t I), ‘I would like to make a complaint about a car…bla bla bla, oh and also a police van parked on the Main Street for the last two days (that I know of) who is blocking the roadway AND causing a nuisance on the path as it’s parked on the NEWLEY laid stones. Well that went down like a French kiss at a family reunion I can tell you. The council worker said she had no idea if the police had permission to be exempt from the half hour waiting time and that it will be looked into.

Revisiting the police van, I took pictures of the offending wheel on the curb destroying the brand new street, then thanked the police officer for directing me to the appropriate services for traffic parking violations! Oh! I also told her I had reported her for a similar offence, odd how her happy festive demure changed in the blink of her twitching eye. She adhered to the rhetoric of power, but unfortunately, it was MY turn not to give a fuck. I told her I would like to know who gave her permission to break the local council rules, was it one for them and another for us mere peasants? Her stammer made me chuckle, ‘Erm, I’m NOT the driver’ she gushed as I pointed out that the vehicle was obstructing the path whilst actually being ON it, she then admitted that the vehicle was actually too big to park properly as it would cause an obstruction ‘of the road’ then when she told me that earlier in the day when SHE had parked up….STOP!!!! I asked her for her badge number, 5272 then she said she was called Helen, (I wasn’t interested in names) then she asked for my name! ‘Why?’ I asked, ‘have I done anything wrong?’, she then reiterated, back to me, ‘So I can’t have your name then?”, (the police are not the cleverest around here I can tell you) her exercise for asking me was so she could inform her inspector so that SHE could get in touch with me to answer my questions. ‘No thanks, I’ll ask her myself’ was my reply to that shite. At this I skipped away and left this ‘Helen’ wondering wtf was going on! A.C.A.B…..rant over 

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Ex soldier, father, party girl and generally nice guy taking time out to do as he pleases! one day i will make it back to the UK, but i aint in a hurry!

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