When the sky touches the sand, boundaries disappear! 

Taking a wander through ‘The Dustbins  of Our Mind’ (all credit to Beny Hill for that line) we find things that once were lost to the bin bag of bad timing! Only now, with this environmentally savvie life, do we accept that when we were younger, we threw things away for no reasons at all. (This isn’t a diatribe lamenting the losses of love and laughter! It’s a look at what we came from and what we are heading for)

Sunday, ritualistically riding into Rothbury to see the old men of the bikes! Yesterday seemed a little lacklustre as all the bikers were (or had) starting to think about preparing their bikes for winter! Taking their pride and joys off the road for fear of actually having to clean them again and again! (What to do? What to do!!). Do I turn a bit funny and buy a car or a smaller bike for the snow, OR do I just crack on and stop thinking like a right Jessie?

Thinking back to the times I owned a bike (when I was a hell of a lot younger) I just rode it through the winter wearing more socks! But now ‘Big Red’ doesn’t seem the sort of bike I can go slow on in the snow, or rain, or dry, or night for that matter. So there’s the quandary! Ride faster through the flakes and hope I don’t need to brake, or have the operation to remove my testicular boys and purchase a Rot box? 

The ONLY problem with that (apart from wanting to learn how to ‘Salsa’ and call everyone ‘Darling’) is having extra seating for company! That’s the whole reason for having a bike tbh. No crap company, no crap music, no having to slow down because the cyclist I just hit may have been injured!……. just me, my thoughts and wherever the dice of decision fall. But then again, no man is an island! He could be a boat! Or an octopuss, (too much caffeine). I’ll sign off by saying, today was a good day. 

Published by dec247h

Ex soldier, father, party girl and generally nice guy taking time out to do as he pleases! one day i will make it back to the UK, but i aint in a hurry!

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