Hey teacher leave this bloke alone!

Fuck me sideways! I thought students were skint, and now I know why!!! I’ve just had my pants pulled down and been lubed up by consumerism!! £65 quid for fucking stationary! An I only bought one pen in all of that!!!! I think I need a job ASWELL as my GIP. God help me if I break a rubber whilst correcting my maths! (It will be cheaper scribing into my forearm (and less painful)). Anyroadup, I start on Monday (not really sure why as my timetable starts Wednesday!) but I’ve looked at bus timings, bike timings and train timings. I’m going to have to go to bed this afternoon to be awake for my alarm on my first day! I may have a shock coming to me 😕

Fuck me backwards! The new arriva phone app is a ball ache! After refusing to download a map (so I end up guessing where I’m going) it sells me a ticket and asks me to activate it. I did! On Sunday! FOR SUNDAY! Son of a bitch!! There’s my second unnecessary spend! (Lessons learnt?) at least I know what to do on Monday! 

FML 0630 in the morning, IN THE MORNING, to catch a bus at 0730 to get to college for 0900. I did it, no dramas, just a pity I didn’t need to be there until WEDNESDAY! (Lesson NOT learnt), anyhoo! I now have a rough idea of ALL the timings for the travelling by foot AND bus and I don’t think it’s going to cause too much hassle! Except Thursday’s when I start later 🙂 

So, college, wrong day, no photo ID, no confirmation about student loan! Possibly I should have gone there last week to enrol! No one told me I was supposed to do that, even when I rang the bloody place last week no one said this was the thing to do! I had been to their open day, done their assessment and had me picture taken and filled in forms! What more was there supposed to do? Obviously finish enrolling I suppose. Could have been worse, there were students there who had no idea what day it was let alone what their class was going to be. (Strike one for the education system already) What I did notice, however, was what every commuter had in their hands on the bus, if it wasn’t a huge plastic thermal coffee (or tea) mug, it was a phone, more particularly an iPhone and they all played ‘candy crush’, the other strange (well not so strange, more observational) thing I noticed while I peered out the window at the disappearing vista was that 99% of vehicles on these runs were occupied by one person ONE person! Even the works vans! As it was I was finished everything by 1100 so fuck it I came home and went for a play on me pushbike 🙂

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Ex soldier, father, party girl and generally nice guy taking time out to do as he pleases! one day i will make it back to the UK, but i aint in a hurry!

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