As time goes by

It’s been quite a while since I put thumb to screen (well a few days anyway) and to be honest, not a great deal has occurred in that time. I rode down to Devon (then my mental head told me to get a grip and go home NOW) so I packed and left Thursday morning. Now instead of having a slow laborious journey up the highways and byways to the north, it was fucking awesome!!! Let me enthrall you with my travels.

As we came onto the M5 (well I’m assuming it was as I was heading for it) the police decided they were going to have a rolling roadblock. Now the signs at the side of the road told me 50mph was in force, but as I gained the front of the pack I found the Babylon in his car doing a 25mph max!! Well that put me in a quandary no bother. What to do? I thought if I fucked off up to 50 then he really couldn’t do anything as HE was the one driving too slow! Not to worry, in a matter of moments two more chariots of the devil roared past (on the inside at about three hundred miles an hour (well it felt like that at the speed I was doing)

Another mile down the road the twat in the hat in front waved us that the danger was clear and promptly pulled off the motorway. So! Nothing in front of me except clear M5 (for about seven miles) all police busy elsewhere! I knocked Big Red down two gears and wound up the loud lever! Fuck me it was like that part in the film where Wolverine hit the red button on cyclops bike (marvel reference) my face was nearly pulled off as I used ALL of the motorway I had! I hit 140mph the day before along another road (for obvious reasons I won’t divulge which) but this one was amazing. The needle kept moving around and I thought it was going to do a 360 of me clock. Eventually after I realised I was way out by myself I thought it was time to slow down a bit (only because I caught up with the traffic)

I thought that was going to be all for the journey, but no. After I took the wrong road! (I saw the word North and stuck to it) I ended up near Manchester and Liverpool. Now I know I don’t live on that side of the country and I’m sure as hell I didn’t come down that way, but at least I got to ride over the (is it 62 or 54?) over the moors? I don’t know, I just headed towards Leeds then found the A1. You CANNOT get lost in the UK. It was around Darlington I found my next burst of speed.

 In me mirrors I noticed an R1 creeping up behind me! Weaving in and out the traffic to catch up, he got close then nudged In front luring me in!!!!! Bastard! I don’t race! I DONT RACE. I raced, we hoofed it up the motorway catching overtaking slowing and playing! In and out of traffic with the speed going higher and higher. I honestly felt happy! I wasn’t scared at all (even when I looked at the clock and it said I was doing 120mph) we kept this up until the Tyne Tunnel turn off near the Angel of the North. That’s where we had to part company as he turned off there, we gave the obligatory salute then rode on! (I won’t be racing for a while now)

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Ex soldier, father, party girl and generally nice guy taking time out to do as he pleases! one day i will make it back to the UK, but i aint in a hurry!

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