I’m only happy when it rains!

Day two of me plagued mind in the south. But wait! A ride out! Actually a ride out to somewhere I was meant to go! It’s ok when you have someone with you who actually knows the area. Off to plymouth and a few bike shops to peruse their wears! And fuck me were there some wears! The obligatory ‘Harley’ shop, the pretty crap ‘Triumph’ shop, the cool as fuck ‘BMW’ shop and a shop/ cafe that sold wet dreams to guys of certain ages.

If you know, YOU KNOW. Unfortunately I was fucked off at the high port when I enquiries about the chance of a test ride on this monster! ‘Only if you’re gonna buy it’ said the spotty faces YTS looking ginger fuck pig! Can’t blame him really, it IS the fastest production bike and those flappy things you can see hanging off the fairing are actually inverted wings to keep your front wheel from disappearing vertically away from the Tarmac you are riding along! 

A little more porn before I digress into what could possibly turn into a tirade! Well, the happy sunny weather I was promised has disappeared faster than a Muslim in a pig farm, and the fact I have only brought with me ONE fecking top (for riding in) has prompted me to invest in a secondary long sleeved under liner! Now as you know (or you may not, I don’t know if you know me well enough) I pack minimally for the space I have. I had done the maths and the calculations were correct at going to press! Now everything is fucked because I have nowhere to pack this new garment . I’m guessing now that the post office and a Jiffy bag will do the do!!

And here is one for all the girls and boys in Catterick (taken last week) now for my rant! (I think). Since serving in differing arseholes around the globe (hot shitty desolate places mainly) I noticed the preferred vehicle of the local  terrorist (as did top gear) was the Toyota, and the locals used taxis to get around so as NOT to be mistaken for terrorists! Now these bloody taxis (and I worked on many for our SF) were white with orange roofs. By Christ and all that is holy (Christian holy of course) the ducking taxis in Catterick are WHITE with ORANGE fucking roofs, some cunt is having a laugh, and AND, the new part of the centre of the garrison is built on HESCO(FUCKING) BASTION! Honestly, some twat needs a showing for this. (Rant over) 

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Ex soldier, father, party girl and generally nice guy taking time out to do as he pleases! one day i will make it back to the UK, but i aint in a hurry!

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