Sunshine on a (Erm) SUNNY day

Back in the place where I swore would do my head in 😳 Totniesia! The place where memories are made (then quickly forgotten (in case they scar you for life)) yes I rode four hundred miles yesterday to see me mates and get drunk. Both parts are complete and I feel like a million pasoes (about one pound thirty). Not content with finding myself hungover and really not very bright, I continued to hunt out the nicest of toilets around the area and completely trash those! ‘The trout inn’ came high on my list as it boasted olde worlde type bogs! Which really needed the northern approach!

My mates next door neighbour rocked up with a glass of vodka (I think) and started telling me about her ‘whatever’ (I couldn’t hear a thing, or I did, but chose to ignore it as I was five sheets to the wind by then) I wasn’t being ignorant, just drunk! And I continued to slide Into my self levelling pit of stupidity! I talked about the weather, Brexit, TV, anything really, I could have even just been sprouting shite (I wouldn’t have known any different) but then I looked at my phone this morning and lo and behold, more drunk texting. I’m now looking for the app that makes you so sums before you can use the Internet!!

Anyway, onto today. After a coffee and a bacon sandwich in town, I needed fresh air. I knew me mate was working in a near by town (not a big place Staverton, but hidden inside nooks and crannies around the bloody hills. As I toured the area, the locals must have thought I was casing the joint! So eventually, my spider senses told me I couldn’t find a big black guy and a grizzly Adams looking mf building shit! To Newton Abbot, I thought! Well Paignton looks a bit like Newton Abbot, except there is a sea and stuff! Yup, I went the wrong way but invested in a cool milkshake for my troubles.

Published by dec247h

Ex soldier, father, party girl and generally nice guy taking time out to do as he pleases! one day i will make it back to the UK, but i aint in a hurry!

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