Wind in those willows?

Sunday’s are now the days for Rothbury! Old guys in leathers with big bikes! Yamahas Kawasaki’s/ BMWs/ Suzukis and Triumphs. With the occasional Harley  thrown in the mix. I think I’ve said it before but I seem to be the youngest biker here. Even the pillion riders are white (pink rinsed) dolls these days. Alas the weather drives the octogenarians away faster than a mouse in a catterey and it’s getting cooler by the day now. We’ve had our summer. It was a couple of days ago around twelve o’clock!

Sitting drinking a brew outside the Vale Cafe, you here all sorts of palava. One guy is busy telling us why he has just got his licence back after having a stroke! Another guy has continued to complain his new hip is shit. Yet another is still trying to decide if he wants a brew or his bed. It’s like an old folks home at the minute up here, but it’s fun. Everyone is in the same frame of mind. Biking isn’t for the young anymore.

Now I’m listening to the trials and tribulations of accidents and what to do when you find yourself upside down in a ditch after hitting a sheep! There is a wealth of knowledge around here on a Sunday, and a distinct smell of Raljex and werthers originals. All I can hope for is this whirl of a wind doesn’t try to throw me off Big Red. Then when I get home I have to make a mince and onion our (or buy one from ASDA) 

Published by dec247h

Ex soldier, father, party girl and generally nice guy taking time out to do as he pleases! one day i will make it back to the UK, but i aint in a hurry!

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