A long time ago, in a…..well you know!

Summer! It’s inly summer (well two days of sun so far, with the promise of flooding tonight) so that was summer then. Anyroad up! I’ve seen my first leftard biker today, yes it’s hot, yes it’s sticky and yes protection can be detrimental to your suntan, but when you’re on a road bike doing seventy, I would recommend anything but shorts and a vest! You might look cool and feel cool, but fall off and your skeleton will also be subjected to the Suns Ray’s!!!!!!

Did I tell you about my forgetfulness the other Friday? Well today I was given a name to it. My GP rang me on Friday and told me he would make an appointment with his colleague for today, well, he didn’t. It seemed pretty ironic that I turned up for an appointment about a lapse of me worry and the doctor had forgotten to book it (conspiracy me thinks) well anyhoo, I snuck into the emergency doctors office and had my blood stolen for tests. He gave me a few more simpler tests and told me all was well…for now, and I had suffered a bout of ‘Transient Global Amnesia’wtf?

(Sorry, I’ve just witnessed two twenty somethings hunting fucking Pokemon, I need to slap them)

So now I have a name for losing part of my life the other week. Apparently when it’s happening, you function normally, you look normal to the people around you, but your memory has upped and fucked off! No matter how much you try, you won’t know what’s happened. I’m lucky I had my texts telling me something was untoward! If I didn’t have that then I would have been none the wiser. Come to think of it I had an episode when I lived with my parents. I woke up, no one was talking to me and I didn’t know why, until I questions me mam. Then she told me what I had said and done, oh fuck, now I can remember another time . Shit, this isn’t good! Revelations of my mental instability while I write me blog! 

How cool is that? My memory of forgetting stuff is coming back (granted I still can’t remember what I did, but the memory of forgetting it has resurfaced) this could be a trippy day today 🤔. So, Pokemon, prime ministers, Sky Movies (Cinema) and RAC pissing me off! It’s been a strange week so far. RAC, oh yes those fuckers. LAST month they took my yearly premium (even though it wasn’t due until THIS month) I told the guy to reimburse that money ASAP and that I wanted to put 10% this month and the rest NEXT month because I knew I was in financial difficulty THIS month. Well, on the 10th of THIS month they took the entire yearly premium (again) THEN two days later took a deposit, THEN STILL haven’t refunded ANYTHING yet, thus rendering me pottless while they sort out THEIR mess. To say I’m stressing is an understatement! But heyho! That’s life.

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Ex soldier, father, party girl and generally nice guy taking time out to do as he pleases! one day i will make it back to the UK, but i aint in a hurry!

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