Water on glass

I had it, I had something to do today. As I stood in front of the tumble dryer and realised why so many comedy programs fixate on women and dryers (?) there was a thought about my delivery from Saturday! My ‘Sliders’ I had read the instructions, then thought it would be better to have someone with a shop to do them so I popped out to ungarage Big Red. No sooner had I walked through the front Friggin door, the sun fucked off and the clouds burst like a pornstars orgasm! 

So back inside for a cup of tea and a rethink! As I had various other things to keep me occupied during this inclement weather, I settled down and promptly fell asleep on my couch! Not content with just leaving the telly on, the programs permiated my dreams. At one point I was a pilot of a doomed passenger airplane that was losing altitude because of a high pressure explosion where my tail fell off. Well that scared the shit out of me and I’m lucky I didn’t fall off the couch! That would have been fini for me. When I woke in a sweat I realised ‘Seconds from disaster’ was playing away to itself narrating it’s plot into my head!!!! Note to self, switch stuff like this off if contemplating a snooze.

Looking through my soft focused eyes (I had left me contacts in while I slept) I tried to seek confirmation of the rain (or non rain) outside. The only way I could do this from my horizontal position was to try and focus on the window! As I squinted I had the impression my world was fuzzy! I guess I hadn’t fallen asleep with my contacts in at all, my glasses had slipped from my face and we’re now buried beneath my prone body! Bugger! Anyhoo, once I realised my sight wasn’t damaged, I saw the rain had all but dried up on said window, so on with my plan I saled. 

In terrible need of sustanence, I knew the perfect place to head towards. With my sliders safely stored in my ‘boot’ (I say boot, but it’s really a Cubby hole in me fairing) I shot off to morpeth for a coffee a bacon sarnie and I chat with the owner to see how long/ when and how much to fit. The answer, unexpectedly, was ‘about an hour,now, and the usual rate’, all good in my books, until I was asked to have a look at what they found when they removed my fairing 😕. It seems the oil leak that had been present when I bought the bike had not been as fixed as was sposed to be! Ah well, pics taken and phone calls made to get it booked in for NEXT Friday at Ian Bells, (he is coming home this week from the IOM and his funeral will be either this OR next week) but I was informed that the warranty work world still be honoured even if it’s lapsed a couple of weeks! (This shop STILL has its customers at its heart)

Published by dec247h

Ex soldier, father, party girl and generally nice guy taking time out to do as he pleases! one day i will make it back to the UK, but i aint in a hurry!

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