Measure once, cut once, glue some wood back on.

Well it’s Wednesday so that can only mean one thing. Pheonix house guitar building. Now unlike the last unpteen weeks where we were supposed to be sorting out the jigs and frames, I actually MADE some jigs and frame today! There really was an element of planning in this one, but I found that adding numbers up is actually harder than you think. Especially when you KNOW where said numbers are on a steel ruler! Cockiness does not a good joiner make! Measuring TWICE is a start! 

Anyhoo! My day started earlier than usual (yes I know some of you start at stupid o’clock, but we all pick our own careers) and I thought the roads would be shite going passed the metrocentre, I was right! The usual melee of people driving like dicks because they are late for work, interspersed with white van drivers and articulated lorries. All of them going nowhere, but as I passed by them (down the dotted line) I realised over 95% of vehicles had ONE person in. (I accept the lorries with their driver yes, but just about ALL modes of transport)

I only put this picture up because it’s Stewie Griffins idea of a Menstrual Cycle, and it’s basically transport (which is my major rant today). Looking at my day as a whole, I was asked if I could come in early, I achieved that. I was given a set of plans and asked if I could do that, that was achieved too and I was asked if I wanted a visit from the resident ‘Trickcyclist’ (more transport) I agreed and that was mission complete! Today is a good day, today has made me feel I’ve made a contribution again, and you know what? That’s all I ever wanted 😊

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Ex soldier, father, party girl and generally nice guy taking time out to do as he pleases! one day i will make it back to the UK, but i aint in a hurry!

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