It’s raining, Raining in my…

Sun, bleaching sun through my blinds! It was gonna be a superb day I should say! Well about thirty seconds after the sun awoke me from my slumber (fitful sweaty nights fractures sleep) the clouds rolled on in and took his fucking hat off! Then like a global strobe effect the skies proceeded to confuse the shit out of me until I had no choice but to leave my bed for fear of an epileptic seizure 😕

So it’s at ‘The Drift’ cafe for a long awaited pot of ‘Earl Grey’, haven’t been here for an age really, but I thought I may as well as it gives me the chance to look at the missing (!?) chimneys from the old Alcan smelter on the way. Ever since I can remeber, they have been a landmark around here. Even when I used my brothers bike to get fit just before I joined up, I would rely on those chimneys for a visual reference as to how far I was away from sanctuary! Now they are gone, I’m fucked! 

It’s strange how the environment you grow up in permiated your life way into the future by bringing the past back to the fore (any philosophers want to quantify that statement) but when you hear your parents telling you they can remeber when it was all fields around here, you can rest assured it’s gonna be all fields around here again, through progress? Through natural wastage, through government ineptitude! No matter, ‘I remeber when it was all factories around here’

I’m sure I’ve made this point before, and that is; life moves on, things change, people die, it’s a fact. But it seems to be a fact that lots won’t let go of. Quite a few ‘Smelter’ workers seemed upset and saddened by progress! Families still have rifts inside them since the coal strikes, and I still can’t let it go that I picked a grey carpet for my bedroom rather than the plum red one I looked at!

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Ex soldier, father, party girl and generally nice guy taking time out to do as he pleases! one day i will make it back to the UK, but i aint in a hurry!

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