The lunatics have taken over the……

FML. I could happily leave this missive at the first three letters! I’m minging, I’m knackered, I’m absolutely stoked that I had the chance to work with me old mate today. Se, he’s a paint sprayer, well when I say a sprayer, he’s actually a fucking brilliant painter (of vehicles, I have no idea what he’s like at art or houses). Of course because he does it for a professional living, he is used to the work involved, no I got nowhere near a paint gun (I’m bad enough with a wet wipe) 

Sweat, real sweat! Mans sweat, honest work sweat! I thought I was lactating! This hasn’t happened for a while now, even playing badmington doesn’t do this to me! I’m a touch worries about where the sweat appeared as I think I may have grown some man boobs! Anyhoo! The temperature raised itself to about three hundred degrees and the sun did its best to melt me! Well I know how that Bugger works, I’ve spent too much time in hot places (some of them nice) so it was warm brews all day 🙂

As you may or may not know, spray painting is a cunt! It’s not just picking up some paint and throwing it on (as I found to my despair) I was given some ‘Scitchbrite’ to ‘Key’ the painting area. You see what I did there? I sounded like a pro (far too much time watching ‘Fast and Loud’) so keying the area involves rubbing it all down with something akin to cotton wool. It took an age! I’m sure the continents moved while I struggled with the thought of deliberately scratching a car. Once the boss was happy, we took the bonnet from the car and he did his stuff! 

Two more jobs presented themselves while he was being professional. I removed the inner wheel wing thing from an Astra, (I hate Astras) about half an hour,loads of tools and a bit of anger, the plastic was off. My hair was filled with crap and my attire looked a bit raggaty at best. ANOTHER car in for me and not only the bonnet, but the front wing AND the two drivers side doors needed doing! (And I thought the first bonnet was a mare) anyway, I had nothing else to do so j cracked on and finished my work (I’ve just remembered I should have gone into the anointing panels a little) bollocks! 

I had fun! It’s been a good day with a good bit of work, but I do this for me mates NOT for the money! Another go tomorow after a trip to Belsay Hall to meet up with an even older mate for a bit of volunteering work, then onto H4H to make guitars! My week is turning out sunnier than the sun 🙂

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Ex soldier, father, party girl and generally nice guy taking time out to do as he pleases! one day i will make it back to the UK, but i aint in a hurry!

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