Hey teacher, leave those kids alone!

Back in the uk, same old weather, same old faces, same old daily grind, BUT….. brand new challenges! Letters incoming from everywhere with good and bad news, future aspirations laid bare for all to see. Opportunities on the horizon to visit faraway places and dig up some dirt, more of that later! So a bit of a different but same (if you can do that)

Catterick for a couple of days first! With a  day to catch up on our health and wellbeing week and to log any progress, give any feedback and chat with the guys again. Unfortunately only three of the seven of us turned up! As it was, we had a blinding time both in the classroom AND the gym (although I will say the gym nearly killed me again) how can yoga stuff be so hurty? It does seem like we all got something positive from the actual course proper, so that’s always a bonus.

What DID get to me though, we went into the labelling on packages and nutritional values. Now if someone said ‘ooh there’s 146Kcal in that drink’, I wouldn’t have a fucking clue! So we decided to look at all the bumph on the labels and sort out the sugars! In front of each container is a beaker filled to however much bad sugar there is in each drink! Even the ‘Good’ drinks have way too much sugar in them. Checking websites for information, a teaspoon of sugar is about 4g in weight! So we just did the measurements and hey presto.

Now THIS bit frightened me. After a big old run (believe me, I used to) or a good amount of exercise, I could murder a choccy bar or two, and a drink (I’ll leave the crisps out for now as they don’t really add to the sugar content). Doing the old calculations again, we worked out that the beaker next to the can holds the equivalent amount of sugar contained in this ‘snack’, the only time I drink Coke now is when it’s partnered with a Jack Daniels, (and obviously JD cancels out ANY other calories, doesn’t it?) I’ve not had crisps for a long time and as for chocolate, well that only gets into my house on a special occasion these days (or I’ll eat the lot) 

Random helicopter!  Anyhoo! My point of today’s blurb is to make you think what you are putting in your bodies! (We did it JUST for the sugars) there are salts, chemicals and all sorts of stuff you can find out on line what’s being put in your food and drink! Just try it one day and see what you are eating! Remeber one snack of a can of pop and a couple of chocolate bars hold nearly a full can of sugar!!!! I’ve not so much of a muffin top, as a gateaux gut!!!

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Ex soldier, father, party girl and generally nice guy taking time out to do as he pleases! one day i will make it back to the UK, but i aint in a hurry!

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