End of the line

That’s it, finished, finito, endex, Charlie Charlie One! Over 2000 miles of a 2500 mile road trip completed. As I looked at what we’ve done as a group, what we’ve seen and who we’ve met, I’m calculating it would take a few trips over a couple of years to cram it all in! Some days that might not have seemed so bad, others could have been longer, but the overall reaction from EVERYONE (worth mentioning) is that it was a fantastic tour.

From the final mountain pass (I have NO idea what it was called) to the Santa Monica Pier ending, the day was full. The roads were perfect for riders and the scenery breathtaking! The food wasn’t worth mentioning as it was the same as the rest of the tour really! Burgers or other dried accompaniments. (That’s not saying the food was shite, but I now need three months starvation and detox diet to get me leathers to fit again!

Coming into LA on the motorway (or interstate if you wanna be a pedantic twat) wel as fraught with danger (but as Dennis and myself laugh in the face of almost certain death) we battled through the rush hour traffic! I should have a pic or two somewhere, but when I say rush hour, you need to know that the interstate is SIX lanes in each direction, so a jam is a JAM! As it was, we only tweeked the nose of death a couple of times on that part of the ride. The nearest was a Hispanic dude on his telephone whilst driving his Fors 150 not giving a fuck what was around him. I threw a punch at his mirror, but in true Adam style, I missed, then thought about it for a little while and realised that the brother could have had a gun!!!!!!!

So now I wait for my plane to Newcastle from London! Another dead flight for me. Virgin Atlantic was cool, but not one wink of sleep was taken and I have no ideas why not. Now I know when I get back home, I shall sleep for at least three days as Big Rec won’t be ready until Tuesday (suits me) stay safe and smile whenever you can.

Published by dec247h

Ex soldier, father, party girl and generally nice guy taking time out to do as he pleases! one day i will make it back to the UK, but i aint in a hurry!

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