Viva Las Vegas!

I’m getting used to this ‘nearly’ plunging to my death over a cliff on a Harley now. You would think you should NEVER get used to that shit, but hey! When the guy who has the handlebars panics and worries, there’s no point in TWO people worrying  is there? Just little old calm me, reassuring my rider today that shit happens! Soothing his fragile nerves and coaxing him back to life. Meanwhile, on the inside, I have garrotted him and drank his blood with some Favor beans and a nice Chiante! 

On the other hand, we came across a big ditch in the ground! Mind you, some may call it Grand, but I would say……fucking awesome! And I mean AWESOME! The meteor crater yesterday was brilliant, and this thing ranks along with that only because they are things you only see in films and in books! But they look identical to the pictures you see!

The reason I’m not smiling is because I had to pretend not to notice one of the lads trip and nearly throw himself into the canyon! It would have made a great picture, and freed a room up for tonight 🙂 all good really. But to be honest, after my selfie, I almost pissed my jeans laughing. I really couldn’t get on the bike for another ten minutes! (Veterans eh!). Another thing off my bucket list 🙂

Well we are here, Las Vegas baby. I have more pics on my camera but I’ve just got to my room and need a shower and a shit! So they will be uploaded later (if I’m sober) no riding tomorow, well yeah we are but only to the HOOVER DAMN. (Apparently it will be the last man made object remaining when all of us are dead and nature has taken its planet back). Right! I’m off out along the strip and possibly a show (the blue man group is playing at our hotel tonight) Have a good one guys and girls and if I don’t get arrested or shot or thrown off my bike tomorow, I’ll catch you again. Elvis has left the toilet (oh wait! No he didn’t)

Published by dec247h

Ex soldier, father, party girl and generally nice guy taking time out to do as he pleases! one day i will make it back to the UK, but i aint in a hurry!

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