Back on the chain gang 

Not A bad start to the day. Up before the alarm, washing up done, clothes in the washer, bag packed with leathers meter readings taken important lists completed and then some old cow with her dog on one of those extendable leads thought it was amusing to let the black and white shit producer run out into my path as I was riding down the road. Apart from the abuse she threw at me for frightening her fucking idiot animal, her mother (assumption) joined in. I could have happily got off Big Red kicked the hound to death and strangled both women with the useless lead dangling from the dogs bloody corps. As it was, I didn’t (the drugs must be having a positive effect) 
W.P 1 (military will understand this) doctors sorted! I’m not dying and I haven’t got Afghanistan AIDS. 

W.P 2 clothing alterations shop is closed until 1000hrs (bollocks) 
ERV. Ian Bells motorcycles to see if he could figure out what the rattling lumpy noise was under me bike. (After a quick briefing, I was told to report back to him at 1500hrs
W.P 4 breakfast at the Drift Inn, (I was starving and it still wasn’t time for the zip shop to open. 
Back to W.P 2 hurrah, shop open boo! Work not done yet (I mean they’ve only had me stuff for two weeks, is that enough time to fit a zip?) well there excuse is the machine had broke and they were waiting for a repair dude to do it. Relentlessly ignoring any of their bollocks, I gave them a third job (to be completed within 48hrs or the bills don’t get paid and I take me stuff)
L.U.P at the C.P After a big breakfast and a ride in the fresh air my early morning running around took its toll. So back to base for a reorg and a cup of tea. 

This was easy. On my couch, warm cup of earl grey down the range, I was just starting to settle into position when I was rudely awoken by my alarm, I had slept all afternoon and now I was in danger of missing my slot with Ian Bell. As quick as I could I got my ‘shit in a sock’ and sped to the R.V. (As far as my shit in me sick goes, I forgot to lock my door, I forgot my phone, I forgot my head over, I forgot my wallet and I actually forgot todo my belt up) 

Anyhoo! I made the R.V and with a little testing and adjusting, they decide to fit a brand spanking new chain! As I didn’t have any money, my stomach started lowering into my Bowles as this was gonna cost big time. Nope, Ian gave me the keys back and told me it will take I’ll little running in but it’s will be fine. (All part of the warranty so FREEEEE) I can’t say enough about these guys. The after market service is still second to none (no offence to anyone else) So now Big Red doesn’t make any clanking or rattling sounds and as a treat I washed and polished him before putting him to bed for a bit of a rest in his Newley improved flooring I did yesterday. Most of the things I set out to do today were just hopes and dreams, but the accomplishment of ANY of them is a bonus, there’s always tomorrow:)

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Ex soldier, father, party girl and generally nice guy taking time out to do as he pleases! one day i will make it back to the UK, but i aint in a hurry!

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