Basking in the glory of love/ sunshine, well, sea frets!

It’s Sunday! It’s a lovely day (in Ashington) so of course a pot of tea and a cake in my favourite eatery in Tynemouth. Because if its proximity to the North Sea (it’s the mouth of the Tyne, take a guess) the sea fret has conspired with the God of the sun to hide the sea AND most of the coast. But you see, all the old adages pop up don’t they? ‘Oh it will burn off eventually’ and ‘I wouldn’t worry, the weather forecast says sunny’ well it IS sunny, it’s just that the sun is waaaaaaaayy above the fog 😦

But needless to say, if it ain’t raining I’m out for a ride. I was supposed give getting the new flooring for my shed yesterday but as it didn’t appear at all, my mood darkened! But I’ll wait for a phone call today to see if they are gonna decide to land today least on my quest for road today I can collect some hardware from a DIY store! But where are they and what do I need! I need some long(ish) screws (I was gonna plump for nails as I haven’t used me hammer for a long time, but my neighbour has an electric screwdriver)

So here I sit having the obligatory pot of ‘Earl Grey’ with a slice of Popcorn cake! Cake in popcorn style! There goes me diet again. Although last night j did make another pan of kedgeree (and scoffed two bowls straight away) that’s supposed to last me at least until Monday! I can’t see it lasting past tonight to be honest! At least I’m cooking again! I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it, but I’m off to America in a coupon of weeks! I may have mentioned once. Well I needed to get down to Heathrow on the day before to ensure I get the flight! Now booking stuff through the travel agents is a joke! They couldn’t do a return flight and a room for anything less than £450 quid!!!! Booking direct through BA I saved over half of that on a deal! The travel agents looked at me as though I had shot their mums when I told them what I had done! Advice (if you want it) today! Fuck the travel agents! Go direct to the airline companies and get the better deal. You can even negotiate a better price if you’re up for it. Love you all (well not all of you, some of you) (and not that many to be honest) 😯🙀😄

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Ex soldier, father, party girl and generally nice guy taking time out to do as he pleases! one day i will make it back to the UK, but i aint in a hurry!

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