Summer luvin?

Summer my sticky hoop! I’ve been rained on, sleeted on, SNOWED on even. All in the last 24 hours. And here’s me thinking it might be nice for the bank holiday to get out and enjoy the weather. I must admit I’ve only (just) cleaned Big Red after the soaking we got the other day, but the gods of the rain lloyds conspired to keep me indoors (thus spending no money) or so they thought. Flights paid for, wood for me shed floor paid for and delivered, insurance and everything else I need for next month sorted! 

That was the vista that greeted me this morning as I filled me mop bucket with suds to get Red cleaned! Oh it looked like a lovely summers day! What a load of shite that turned out to be! With the ever growing clouds blackening deeper and deeper, you just knew it wasn’t going to last. Fortunately the young scamps who delivered me wooden flooring got there before the clouds unzipped and laid waste any signs of dryness on me bike seat. It’s strange how the memory fails sometimes. As I was sure my shed was around six feet by something! So I obviously ordered the appropriate length of wood to fit! Too small for length and too long for width. (And I don’t posses a saw) so they are staples into the floor the wrong way for now 😦

At least Red looks like a bike now and not a farming machine! All the road smegma that accumulates on ONE fecking trip is astonishing. Mind you. As I sit in a fish and chip shop eating me lunch, the clouds have decided they want to dump an ocean of water onto the area! BOLLOCKS! On a plus side, I was craving for mince pie and chips and now my hankering has been sufficed (for now) 

So now I guess I’ll be washing me bike again to get rid of even more shite of the road! This weather is starting to wind me up a little but I KNOW I’m flying out to the U S of A on the 18th. And if it’s raining there, I’m giving up on trips away! Today’s lesson is ‘don’t fucking expect the best! Accept what touhave and always clean your bike on return from a snowy trip!!!!

Published by dec247h

Ex soldier, father, party girl and generally nice guy taking time out to do as he pleases! one day i will make it back to the UK, but i aint in a hurry!

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