Absinthe makes the head grow thicker!

Here we are! Three days into my preparation for ‘Route 66’ and so far I have printed off a load of paperwork to be emailed back as I’m not clever enough to make the interactive forms…. .interactive. I’ve copied and pasted, I’ve turned them into PDF I’ve taken photos, all to no avail, technology fails me in the most parculiar way! 

Books! Now there’s a novelty! Not a download, not an audio but actual paper and ink (with some pictures obviously) these are the things I’m apparently going to have to get when I become a student (yes, the application went in the other day with a little help from my friend, as I wanted to launch my iPad out me window ‘Coz Tech Sucks’).AND because I’m an old man, I will apply for an “over 24’s” loan for stuff like that at college (being old has its advantages) and of course it lends itself to NO excuses for not attending Higher Education later in life (take a hint people) 

As you may, or may not, have realised, I only really write these snippets of my life when I’m out of the house, I’m in a coffee shop or just occupying my time. So as the weather for the last few days have been SHITE! (When I say shite, I mean friggin snowing and raining and windy and shitty) I’m not a fair weathered biker by any means, but when there is no point going out in the rain, then I won’t go out these days. Mind you, I’m out early doors tomorrow to get to ‘Pheonix House’ in Catterick for a day of woodwork, art and stuff! 

Finally! As my healthy eating spurt has been going, I decided to raid me freezer the other day! (It’s amazing what you find in there) I found a whole duck! I forgot I had that but it made its way to the defrost stage (my sideboard) then into the warmth of an oven covered with salt and five spice! Hence three days of crispy duck, plum sauce, cucumber/ spring onion (and pancakes to wrap my little parcels). ALL home made obviously, with the exception of the vegetables, and the duck! I never shagged a woman duck and my yard won’t grow stuff. You’re all lovely and I will be letting you know about my fund raising page for wounded soldiers soon! (Not yet as I have NO idea how to make a page). Love ya! 

Published by dec247h

Ex soldier, father, party girl and generally nice guy taking time out to do as he pleases! one day i will make it back to the UK, but i aint in a hurry!

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