Lipstick, powder and paint!

Emails from spammers, emails for pills, emails with promises sent by the shills. Emails from Facebook telling me news, (someone has posted a pic of me nude). Ping goes the pinger that’s letting me know as another spam email makes my crap inbox grow. I’m sure we were led to believe in the way of the need for the paperless office today, but our office has moved from the dark dim lit room, it’s all over the place we have burst from the womb, of our safety net four walled no cat swinging room. It just means that our freedom is facing its doom. 

Beware of the noose that you wind round your neck as you live out your life just awaiting the beck, and the call of the imminent ping of the boss. You’ve awakened the premise, not gathering moss! It’s your twenty four seven world taking its toll, with the pits and the falls you don’t get on the dole, so you sit at your cafe zoned into your screen, for a life full of leisure you patiently dream. But the world carries on just as if it won’t care, if you sit in your office or lounge about there, in your seat that you made in a dark dim lit room, with the coffee shop banter, your heart filled with gloom.  

 Don’t think that this author is anything strange , but my days fill themselves with some relevant change, as my scenery changes as much as my moods, i drink copious coffee and dodgey cooked food. But my outlook on life has been coloured by shills, I’ve seen it I’ve done it, I’ve swallowed the pills. I’ve sat in my office, I’ve sat in the shops I’ve sat on the beach as the tide never stops, not the tide of the waves as they beat on the sand, but the ping of the incoming mail in my hand! So never has anyone felt so alone with their tablet, their iPod, their Internet phone. You can answer your texts from wherever you are, as you’re chained to your office, you can’t wander far.

Published by dec247h

Ex soldier, father, party girl and generally nice guy taking time out to do as he pleases! one day i will make it back to the UK, but i aint in a hurry!

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