Ray Harryhausen was da bom

Today is a good day! (Hey I DO have them every now and then). Been down the road, been given solid advice, sort of planned a bit of life and going into the business of making me own guitar! (But that’s a different coloured horse). An easy ride out this morning as I knew it only takes roughly an hour to hit Catterick! Well, as I NOW realise, the morning traffic past the metro centre is a joke! (This many people HAVE NOT got jobs in the North East) a bit of filtering tore about twenty minutes of the imagined drive time , so instead of getting there with half an hour to spare, I arrived at H4H two minutes late (go figure) 

 What I WASN’T aware of (apparently) is EVERYTHING! I didn’t know I could get a day pass and use the facilities to aide in recovery without a need for an appointment! I WASN’T aware that all I had to do was log into their website, find a course and request acceptance, AND I wasn’t aware that if you sneeze in your bike lid at 115mph, you nearly shit yourself as you close your eyes then open them to be blinded by a screen of green snot! (I digress)   

This chat today with a guy called Gary (a lot of them about these days) gave me all the information I didn’t have (except the snotty visor, I knew about that really, but I STILL shat me pants) he guided me on the reality of Help 4 Heros and what the can do for me! Woodworking shop, metal shop, art room, music room, gym, outdoor pursuits, voluntary work around the county, voluntary work around the country and expeditions around the world! All I have to do is find something on their website and apply! (These are things that need to be relayed to broken veterans) 

 As the day waves on and the sun is still playing, I took it easy coming back home (apart from the place where I wanted to rip out the old bastards steering wheel ,who cut me up, and ram it down his arthritic old throat!) I tried to be nice, I really tried! Now I sit with a coffee (odd that) watching life go on all around me, (and I like what I see).  It reminds me time waits for no man and life carries on 🙂 just like me! 

Published by dec247h

Ex soldier, father, party girl and generally nice guy taking time out to do as he pleases! one day i will make it back to the UK, but i aint in a hurry!

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