Free falling

Continuing my descriptive run in the sun (part two) the day heralded the hottest temperature so far this year! Not too hot as to melt in me leathers (although sweat and leather are considered a good mix in some circles!) washing done and hung out like rancid cats, I NEEDED to get in the road! But where? In land? City? Coastal? I chose coastal as it holds the most history and variation of scenes for me!  

As with yesterday, many many small northern villages awaited our roar from the triple to announce our arrival (that’s me and Big Red btw). Through  Ashghanistans sattalite villages first, Ellington, Widdrington then through the outskirts of Seahouses, Amble and Walkworth. past the ‘Golf Balls’ of Boulmer? Through beautiful scenery wishing/ wanting to be photographed! Onto my destination for a cup of tea and a crispy bacon sandwich….Alnwick.  

That was far and away not the end of my journey. A sit down and relax in the sun for a little while (just to drink in the atmosphere, and the Earl Grey) while flocks of the pink rinsed brigade descended upon the centre (a bus load of nurses from Guilford?) and I listened to the chatter of a bygone dialect (or Scottish, I don’t know, it sounded foreign) as the coffee shops began to fill with the rampant aroma of Ralgex and care homes I decided to head out into the country.  

All you southern softies can wax lyrical (look that up if you must) about who has the loveliest warmest coast lines and picturesque places, but I say BOLLOCKS! Up in the hinterland of north Northumberland we have history! Mind you most of it is embroiled with war, slavery and injustice. But it’s a history! What have you got? Pirates and palm trees! Haha no I’m only kidding. The U.K. Has some of the most envied countryside and seascapes around. Both north AND south have their attractions! (We just happen to have more castles!)

Anyhoo! With only the hum of my triple (my headset battery ran out so no music for yours truly) I had plenty to think about as I blitzed the highways and byways of the county. Lots of other lone riders too. Skiving from work, getting away from their loved ones or just like me wanting to smell the roses! Whatever the reason, it’s the season of the bike so just be careful in your cars and think ahead! Don’t kill a biker and for gods sake, don’t kill yourselves on a sunny day.

Published by dec247h

Ex soldier, father, party girl and generally nice guy taking time out to do as he pleases! one day i will make it back to the UK, but i aint in a hurry!

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