You took the words right out of my mouth!

A week ago, I was sitting on Big Red giving it the beans up the A1 to get back home after a week in Catterick with Help 4 Heros. That week worked for me, the fitness, the nutrition, the value of the classroom. For the first few days (right up until yesterday) I was doing fine, I had played badminton, eaten well and kept myself occupied (not just riding around drinking coffee) but yesterday it all came crashing down. I have no idea what caused the tailspin! I was going great! 

I suppose your mental state is all relevant, happy to be good when things are fine then deciding to kick your ass when you let it. My plans were to get out and play a game or two with my brother, I had booked the court and got the kit ready. Then BANG! Nothing! It was entirely me that let the side down, (I know we shouldn’t blame ourselves) but I had no excuses, I wasn’t physically poorly, I wasn’t in any pain, I just didn’t want to do anything, and that lead me to the take away app! (I had been doing so well)

Even a new tattoo didn’t hurt! To be honest I nearly fell asleep on the chair I was so chilled, the only thing keeping me awake was the delightful young lady sticking needles in me! (If she had been hoofing, I probably would have slept) so my blip came as a huge surprise to me at that moment when a switch flicked inside my head and turned the landing light off. 

 On a plus note though, I now have a key worker with Help 4 Heros and he wants to see me next week (a goal to aim for) and I’ve finally gotten Big Red out, the roads have been shit, but today the sun gave a little glimmer of hope! I was also asked if I could help a Facebook friend out with a bit of advertising for her company page. Now I’m not into this sort of thing normally, but if I can help someone I like, then I will (if I can help someone I don’t like, even better because they will hate being indebted to me 😯)
Give it a click and see what’s happening, I’ve been there and there are some good stuff available at decent prices. It will do good to buy something from a friend and help her out. Even if you don’t fancy it, just copy the page to your wall and give her some advertising, let’s use this blog (and the interweb) for some good stuff rather than the proliferation of anti establishment shite. My point today? Doesn’t matter how crap and down you feel, never let a mate down (I know I let me brother down last night, but we will get over that by Tuesday’s next game we are MORE than mates )

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Ex soldier, father, party girl and generally nice guy taking time out to do as he pleases! one day i will make it back to the UK, but i aint in a hurry!

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