Oh no, this is the road to hell!

A hundred and ten, a hundred and fifteen, a hundred and twenty, a hundred and twenty five, a hundred and thirty SHIT! Now the time it took you to read the opening is the time it took me to glide up from 110Mph to 130Mph this morning! The SHIT was for the realisation of the police vehicle parked in the layby doing nothing! And I’m pleased of that as he was probably asleep when I ‘Braaped’ past him. I suppose it wouldn’t have mattered as I had the advantage of knowing I was leaving the A1 at the next junction 🙂  

I wanted to continue to tell you about my week with Help for Heros, but life got in the way didn’t it. I think I got the first day or so out then the reality of my inflated fitness level caused me to re evaluate my time management! Evenings were for unwinding and getting myself back to some sort of normality after days filled with physical shit!!! (A few years out can, and does, take its toll) some sort of exercise EVERY day, from circuits to spinning, from yoga to swimming all with a bit of Pilates thrown in for good measure!   

In essence, the week was worth it. The natural comedown from engagement though,  in all things different, started on Friday morning! The impending feeling of ‘well, that was that’ crept up just after breakfast and carried on throughout the morning right up until I got on Big Reds seat and he growled into life. This is where the fun began. As the computer on board had registered 120mph on the way down, I was sure I was able to beat that. Well, I didn’t. But today, I did. Unfortunately I am supposed to be in the wilds of Scotland this week, reuniting myself with ‘Red’ the horse, and the lads I met last year at Horseback UK. But as I say, life crept up and took over whilst I wasn’t watching. (Here’s hoping I can get back in another phase 2 course soon)   

This weekend flew past in a blur with the cinema, some good company and the obligatory good food (roast lamb dinner). The cinema? Superman Vs Batman. Go to watch it, it’s actually a pretty cool film with some interesting ideas (how DOES a man fight a God?) I’m sure I’ll get back to normal jogging soon, with at least a tri weekly rant on line, but until then, I will content myself with a couple of ramblings and journalistic reviews of kit I now posses. Bikes, helmets, leathers and other such shite 🙂 be good to yourselves and touch yourselves often 🙂

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Ex soldier, father, party girl and generally nice guy taking time out to do as he pleases! one day i will make it back to the UK, but i aint in a hurry!

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