‘Oh my god, I am a dead man!’

Well, not really! It’s one of the first things said by a hero in a series of books called ‘Riverworld’, but today, I felt it. I TEALLY felt it. But I’m getting too far in front of myself. Let’s start at the beginning! ARRIVAL- Sunday, I wanted to get into Pheonix House early so j could sort out my room and get my kit put away! Pheonix house? It’s run by Help 4 Heros in North Yorkshire, on par with Tedworth House in Wiltshire! You know, where I went for my animation course before Christmas! Anyhoo, I was accepted onto the ‘health and wellbeing’ course! And really wanted to do something constructive with my life!   

  The rooms were like my old bunk in the mess from RTR and at least the house itself is not as confusing as Tedworth! Big Red had no trouble at all getting here (even with the saddle bags attached) we still managed a shade over the speed limit (if the shade is 50mph long). So my adventure began!   

DAY 1- introductions, there’s nothing like a good old intro session to get the tempo up (or down) for the prevailing weeks activity! Although the night before it absolutely passed it down and Red got drowned! (No bike cover so a trip to ‘pound land’ for a dust sheet was on the offing) the groups activities and dynamics were exactly as you would expect from a bunch of people coming together for the first time again, (serving or ex serving people will understand about ‘the group’ dynamics)  

Unfortunately one of the throng wasn’t quite ready for the week, he upped and left like a boss mid way through a session! (God bless him lol) never to be seen again. The activities sort of blurred together into one and I can’t think of the things in the classrooms! But the gym work! THE GYM WORK! I really wanted to take photos but my head was up my arse as we played wheelchair basket ball! Fuck me! How hard is that shit?? These guys and girls with bits missing who take this up as a sport must be fit as fuck (a contradiction in terms yes, but try it, give it a go!) my arse was breathing for me!  

Diaries written, tea eaten then it was time for a ride out for that dust sheet! I was knackered! My hand couldn’t twist the throttle so it was slow speed all the way to the shops! Bed called, the room was as hot as the sun (windows open and curtains nearly ripped off) sweat left my body in droves and soaked the sheets (again) and my throat continued to remind me I needed to see a doctor! But a movie on me iPad and a bag of peanut MMs soothed my way to a fitful slumber! Only to wake at the obligatory four o’clock! I hate sleep!

Published by dec247h

Ex soldier, father, party girl and generally nice guy taking time out to do as he pleases! one day i will make it back to the UK, but i aint in a hurry!

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