Banana republic!

WOW! Talk about customer service 😊 no seriously this is a GOOD rant today! Well not so much of a rant, as a HUGE pay on the back for a young mechanic called Carl Bell. If you’re from the north east and ride bikes, you may (or should) have heard of Ian Bell. He’s the North Easts premiere Yamaha dealer and an all round good egg. Both Ian and his son Carl race sidecars on circuits around the country during racing season and will be doing the TT again this year as a team (I may have a poodle onto that island to see what’s occurring)  

Anyhoo, I’m not here to champion his racing ability or his fantastic shop, I’m wanting to say thanks for the after service they provide. As you may know (if you read these regularly) I bought a bike from his shop a couple of weeks ago and found that when I put the steering lock on (for the first time) the bars twatted the tank and gouged a rice grain sized hole in the paintwork! Well Ian couldn’t be more helpful and booked me in for today to get this looked at. I now have a new set of bars that refuse to hit the tank! I mean a new set of bars!!! AND they are getting the contact information for their painter to sort the chip out!!! 

Can’t ask for anymore than that! Yes I know it’s under warranty and the customer is important for them with no negative press, but I was at least expecting some sort of cost! Not a bean! Mind you I nearly pissed my bank manager off by trying on a load of leathers and helmets with a view of upgrading! (I have listed the top three helmets in my pics, I would have bought one of them but they were Large and Small!!! I need a medium! My heed isn’t as big as you thought!) 

 About an hour into the fix, I was asked if I wanted to borrow a bike! Borrow a bike? I’ve not had that before from ANYWHERE to be honest, unless I’ve paid for it of course! That once again solidified my faith in this shop. The bars are fine, the bike is groovy and I’m cool as fuck rolling round the roads in a flash of red (tbh, I only tried the leathers on so I can know my size for ones from the Internet) helmets, shop. Leathers ether! I have a nice point to this chat today, they’ve been nothing but honest with me since I purchased my first bike from them nearly thirty years ago, and continue to uphold their family values to their customers! I know my brother Steven trusted them, and so do I. If you are passing by on your bike, pop in and have a little look around, you’ll be impressed by the service you receive. 

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Ex soldier, father, party girl and generally nice guy taking time out to do as he pleases! one day i will make it back to the UK, but i aint in a hurry!

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