Blue moon on Monday?

Yes I know it’s not Monday but I’m sure as hell not just going to make a title up for the hell of it! If you’ve ever noticed, my titles always have a connection to the content,(sometimes looser than the screws in my head) but if you look you will find it, be it a phrase or even a photograph. Today’s is no exception! But can you find it?  


Today is a riding day! (Yes this ones about two wheels, feel free if you want to abort the page now and go do something less boring).seeing as the sun is making an effort to shine today, I thought I may aswell get my shit together and get out the house again! Well no sooner had I taken the alarm off me bike, the rain started! Not a lot (there’s homage to Paul Daniels) so back indoors I scuttled (I don’t know how skittish triumphs are in the damp) and the kettle burst into life for a nonchalant cup of tea while the weather decides what it what’s to do!  

 Eventually my windows informed me the rain (or what there was if it) had decided to skirt Ashington! So back down to the bike! This time my neighbour came out and gushed over the colour! (It IS rather a nice colour I must admit) and with a flick of a switch he burst into life too (everything is bursting into life today) the low grumble of a three cylinder monster permiated the quiet Sunday morning lethargy and caused the local dogs to do their thing! Actually it’s pretty cool having four legged fury burglar alarms around 😊 

 After the much less ‘Chow’ of getting this beast ready to ride than the BMW, I was off! My tinted visor down in the hope I may get some sunlight in me eyes and newly fitted headset BACK in me S-4. All was good. Even the dulcet tones of Richard Madeley coming through my headset couldn’t dim my enthusiasm for today, just a ride out, that’s all I planned! 

Whitley bay (and the whole area) is filled to the gunnels again! The expectation of a sunny afternoon has dragged the barbarian hordes to the coast! So I’ll soon be travelling onwards (and possibly another direction, I’m im no fixed mind to decide where I wind up) NO point today, no words of wisdom or stupidity! Have a lovely weekend (what’s left of it) and if you’ve started your Easter holidays, have a blast 😊

Published by dec247h

Ex soldier, father, party girl and generally nice guy taking time out to do as he pleases! one day i will make it back to the UK, but i aint in a hurry!

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