The light of the land

I’ve had a revelation! No really I have. This morning I realised its NOT the people I meet that I despise (not everyone obviously, just the peons who have no sense of humanity) it’s life! Now let me clarify this. We all know (according to Monty Python) that life is but a laugh and death is just a joke! But on whome? The liver of the wonderless life or the observer standing in the wings trying to catch the attention so they can clear the stage? 

This revelation actually twatted me as I gazed through the windscreen of me car into the vista of the daily schedules of everyone else. It’s true I need a reason to get myself through the day right now! Retirement had its day, now it’s time to find a proper distraction! (I know I have college in September, but that’s a long friggin way off) I had a feeling while driving today that I hadn’t felt in about a year (when I last drive me dad) I felt my body wasn’t mine! The hands on the steering wheel belonged to someone else and I had no control over them if they wanted to drive me into oncoming traffic (yup that really scared me) so I guess an appointment with a bottle of wine (or most probably the doctor) is required!   

Pasta for idiots here! 200 grams of 00 and two eggs slowly mixed in with your hand! 

Anyhoo it’s a short one this morning as I am in need of sorting my car (Land Rover) out (seeing as my bike is still dead and I have been lavished with that horrible van to quell my desires to drive it fast everywhere) my point today? You have but one life (no ghosts, no spirits, no heaven and no hell) why go through it in total disgust with everything! I’ve seen old folk up and down the country with faces that could start a thunderstorm for some reason or other! (At least I smile and laugh every now and then) it honestly looks like some of these people have NEVER cracked a smile in their lives (I know we don’t see everyones lifebook so we don’t know what they’ve been through) but c’mon! You ain’t dead! 

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Ex soldier, father, party girl and generally nice guy taking time out to do as he pleases! one day i will make it back to the UK, but i aint in a hurry!

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