So close no matter how far

It’s summer! Well Spring!! Hey, it’s another sunny day so just let me dream. Off on the bike again today just to take advantage of the “Clement” weather! I really need something from the metro centre today so it’s worth a ride out! Mind you I did nearly kick the shiznik out of some old twat in a Rover with no sense of spacial awareness! Not to worry, I’m here and having a bit of Nandos!  

The shirt you see in the foreground is a new Metallica shirt (well I passed HMV didn’t I?) I have also purchased some new equipment for my guitar playing! Yes I’m now a ‘Picker’ not just of the nose but of the strings too! I haven’t actually done this before so it could be a laugh and I could very well end up picking my nose with them! They look like mini Freddy Kruger nails!!!!

 Another “Popup” shop in the metro! Can you remember the BMW pictures a while ago? Well a Mercedes shop has now moved in! With its over inflated priced shite that no one actually wants! AMG golf “tees” and crap like that! But the car looks good and they DID have a model F1 car with other bits aswell! The unfortunate bit was the lady that greeted me started with the inevitable,”So, this is a pop up shop and….” Well I just walked away to that! WHY are people STILL starting sentences with ‘So’? It NEVER  warrants a ‘So’, so just STOP! KRETINS

 A funny thing happened in the queue for me Nandos btw. The guy in front obviously knew what he wanted, he had the menu, he had the cap on backwards and the obligatory stupid pants! What he didn’t have was the order for his wife, he fucked off back to the table, came back two minutes later with HER order then went back to get his kids order! Came back after another two minutes then went back to the table to confirm some shit. Then the three of them got up and fucked off!!! Now I’m no racist, in fact race doesn’t come into this. I even speak to gingers so I can tolerate everyone….. (Lol no I’m lying, I hold my nose when I talk to gingers! (Shush mr Simpson)) but when they left, me and a woman In front took a long hard look where they had sat, just in case they had left a backpack!!!!!! Can you guess which pretend omnipresent deity they pray too twenty times a day? (If that’s racist, then fuck it!, I’ve cared less for worse)  

My point today? As yesterday, if the suns out, have a blast! If something strikes you as funny, then it’s funny… you. And if a reader gets offended by my words, take a good hard look at yourself and why you take ‘Offence’ I think I’ve said it before but I will say it again. Taking offence is like saying you are a spoiled brat of a child who stamps his or her feet when something doesn’t sit well in your lives! Grow up and delete my thread! BOVVERED? 

Published by dec247h

Ex soldier, father, party girl and generally nice guy taking time out to do as he pleases! one day i will make it back to the UK, but i aint in a hurry!

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