That Monday feeling

Well it’s been a few days since I last put pen to paper (well finger to keyboard) and soooo much has happened! I got drunk while cooking. I finished me shed in all its rainbow glory, me car is actually fixed (no more squeak from the back) and I’ve sorted me spot lights on me bike so they don’t do just what THEY want.   

The weather up here has decided to play ball the last couple of days, (although I though I saw snow today, but that was just foam from someone’s washing machine that had decided to play the ‘Giant porridge pot’ (or whatever that blood book was called)) but the mildness allowed me to finish my shed! Day after day (when I could be arsed really) I did one different colour! But today with the clouds fucked off I did the last few colours AND I gave the rest a second coat, now it looks as good as me fence and I’m sure my man and dad would have loved it .  (All just to convince little burgler types there’s fuck all inside worth knicking) 

Well that was finished this morning after dropping the land rover off so the deadly duo can get the oval hub off and put the new round shaped one on to stop that squeaking! (I honestly thought it was all in my mind when no one else heard it). I was surprised in one respect,  as last night I polished off nearly all me wine in the flat, and  that was only because I had made a red wine sauce for me Beef Wellington. (I couldn’t leave the bottle alone could I, I tried, I really tried to get a more grapey taste into the sauce, but I just drank it instead) I’m sure I was in bed early, but I know I lost an afternoon/ evening. All said and done, me cow welly was amazing (amazing it was cooked as I was plastered by the time the cooker alarm went off)  

The whole lot only took an hour from start to finish! And that’s making the puff pastry too! So when you think you never have time to cook, you’re talking bollocks! Even pissed it was easy 😄.  The fog/ spot lamps on me bike were always tilting forwards and lighting up my brake shoes and discs! Nice if I wanted to see them, but shite for anything else. So after my night on the wine, my car to the garage and my painting rainbows I got to that. When my knuckles heal I’ll give you a run down of what NOT to do with a spanner and a heavy fucking lump of a bike.  My point today! After being a soldier for 16 years (with about seven of those in the mess) I learnt how to drink! Get drunk! And work the next day with a hangover. That way of life still holds true today. As I said I polished off a couple of bottles of red (full size AND dinky ones) and I still completed all my tasks this morning. (Even had time for a coffee in Bettinis coffee shop on Ashington main street) so DONT make excuses for not doing stuff that needs to be done. Don’t lay in bed all day on a weekend because you had a skinfull the night before, and don’t be a dick to your partner by letting them do everything when you’re  “Hungover”. It’s all bollocks. Stop being pussied and man the fuck up. (Now I’m off to bed)

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Ex soldier, father, party girl and generally nice guy taking time out to do as he pleases! one day i will make it back to the UK, but i aint in a hurry!

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