We could be Heros 

The day starts shamelessly at 0730!! Well 0400 to be exact but I thought I would give it a bit leeway to the more sensible time of the day. (Ive noticed it’s getting lighter in the mornings now too) anyhoo! My eagerness to see in this day with a smile and a little dance held shallow water when I entered my living room and noticed my poor plant was having a bad time! (Any horticulturalists out there? any help?) here he is—-

He’s dropping leaves like a Government drops its illegal mecrs in a sandy desert! They are all fed and watered! Live in the same environment and enjoy some hard rock music now and then (I’m also nearly 100% sure they have t been pissed on during a drunken night or two). The second thing i did was jump in my shower! Now for the last few weeks I’ve had the water temp bumped up because of the frosty cold mornings, but this morning!!! Well imagine plunging a pig in a bucket of boiling water and see the reaction of its skin, I must have looked like the Macdonald arches again with all the rapid shrinking of my muscles

(See my other plant looks a million times better than the first! (Is he dying? Can I save him with a magic potion?)). Oh well, Dentist this morning! (That’s possibly why I awoke so fucking early) and a check up I was given last Friggin year (will February be okay mr Adamson, any particular day and time ?) just like they’ve done again for August! How the hell do I know what Im doing in six months time???? I don’t even know what I’m doing tonight!!!!! Anyway! I have lovely teeth apparently and she gave me a gold star for not crying when she stuck all her instruments in there alongside her assistant!   

(My peace Lilly enjoying a bit of playtime with her friends) My point? Yes, what is my point today? My point is… As I walked to the dentist (after scrubbing my mouth twice so she wouldn’t see the remnants of my breakfast) I noticed a dirth of quiet roads! Now I know it’s not summer and I know it’s not hot! But it was morning and NO kids out playing (and it’s half term!) did we not, as kids, get out the house as fast as we could to go and play with our mates? Half term didn’t mean staying indoors on your Xbox or PlayStation! It meant playing with REAL people (some of them far too old (and a bit suspect)) but OUTSIDE.  As I sit here drinking my coffee (eating strands of my own hair too) I look out the window at fat kids, thin kids (with stupid haircuts) and siblings tagging along with their grandparents!!! GRANDPARENTS FFS. Mine used to sit in their houses all day drinking tea and watching ‘Sons and daughters’ what’s happening to the kids these days? Must they be chaperoned everywhere? Don’t you trust them? (Don’t tell me it’s too dangerous for them, there were nonces around when we were young too, but we just took the piss out of them)

Let’s your kids out to play! (Some of them could do with being chased to lose the fat) of course they will fall from trees, break a limb, get brought back by the police. But at least they aren’t being blown apart by western backed rebels. At least when they return home they might have a hot meal waiting and a warm bed to lay in. Let them be kids for Christ sake!! (I know MY kids are inevitably going to get into trouble eventually, it’s an Adamson thing) but I’m alive and I’ve enjoyed my childhood…………. Mind you, adulthood sucks!

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Ex soldier, father, party girl and generally nice guy taking time out to do as he pleases! one day i will make it back to the UK, but i aint in a hurry!

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