Humbug! HUMBUG! Humbug Mr Baldrick?

Now I know it may not be Christmas (but the weather has other ideas) a bit of valentines shite and the whole world goes batshit. Couples, only couples walking around today (apart from me and the odd ‘bread and butter’) looking into shop windows, cuddling each other close in that Luvy dovy way only new couples (or couples who have strayed and need the reassurance of love) do. Spare a thought for the single people! They will carry on as normal, doing their everyday stuff without having to splash out fifteen quid for a red rose and a box of chocolates!   

Not to worry, everything will be alright this evening when I put the telly on for a bit of action and adventure (probably get fucking Bridget fucking Jones on at least six different channels), I guess I’ll be making red wine sauce again then. Anyhoo! The reason I brought Christmas up was this mornings vista consisted of sun, lots of sun. Not a cloud in sight. I closed my eyes for ten minutes (I’m quick these days) and when I returned to the living, the fucking window was filled with snow! SNOW! No I don’t want to build a frikkin snowman! It’s nearly Easter! 

Right! To the point. People use today as a good excuse to be extra ‘in love’ with the person in their heads and hearts. Others blindly live their lives constantly looking through their rose tinted glasses, thinking everything in this existence is ‘chipper’, but every now and then a storm bubbles on the horizon. The clouds broil black and ominous rumbling can be heard as a distant drum solo. Whatever person you are, stay happy in the knowledge that in less than a hundred years, no one will give a shit! (Too Dark?) Okay, in the mere blink of a cosmically cataracted eye, all your worries and dreams will be stardust. Better? In other words…… Don’t waste the time you are given by hoping things change. MAKE THE CHANGE. Then if the object of your dreams doesn’t hold to your plans, fuckem! At least you gave it a shot 🙂   

Happy Valentine’s Day to you all and remember, St Valentine was taken prisoner, tortured, buried, exhumed and then exhaulted! And you celebrate by giving chocolates! 

Published by dec247h

Ex soldier, father, party girl and generally nice guy taking time out to do as he pleases! one day i will make it back to the UK, but i aint in a hurry!

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