Come writers and critics Who prophesize with your pen.

Second of two today! (I’ve got far too much time on my hands). The twisters are raging in the North East now. I’ve caught sight of two farms and a witch on a bike already on my way to Morpeth! Unfortunately as I’m here now, I must have a coffee to calm my nerves! Whilst walking to the bank through ‘Corporation  square’, I was accosted by (not a person) but a fucking roof slate! While I danced the dance of the ‘scared shittless’ I thought about the elder generation who were ambling along the same path. (Someone’s gonna die)

Now trying to find the local council offices were bad enough for me (and I can read a map) so fuck knows what an elderly Bugger would make if the directions given! (And that’s beside the fact the Main Street ‘pop’ in shop has moved) so the library was the place to go! Down, way down the Main Street across two roads and a veritable death trap for the octogenarians too! (To say I’m pleased I don’t live here is an understatement!)

Two things from today’s visit to this thriving(!) market town. (Well a few I think) but finding the complaints department in the local council is shite. One of the best shops is closing down (see above) because the owner is retiring! NOT the recession, but simply no interest anymore! (Sorry but that sums up Morpeth!). No one really gives a shit about anyone else here! I’ve just held open a door for a lady with a pushchair while others around just turn away even  though they saw she was in need of help.   

And, AND my favourite coffee shop has just cut the workers hours and started buying in food from a shite supplier! MONEY MONEY MONEY is all this place seems concerned with. If you live in Morpeth and read this, prove me wrong, go on I dare you. Reply to this post with YOUR thoughts and we will see how they go. At least Ashghanistan has no pretences of being anything special. If shops go under its because they have succomed to the downturn in spending (or the shopkeeper has ran off with the till) they don’t just close and get rid of everyone because they can’t be arsed anymore!

Oh yeah! My main point….. I see it’s now illegal to smoke in a vehicle with a minor in it! (I have no dramas with that, in fact I believe it was the inhalation of me dads tabs when I was younger that got me hooked on their smells and taste therefore I was predestined to smoke). So why is it not illegal to smoke while pregnant? I have witnessed two prospective mothers (unless they were just reall REALLY over fed) puffing away on real cigarettes while pushing ANOTHER baby in front! (Where’s the legal pressitance for the unborn child?) 

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Ex soldier, father, party girl and generally nice guy taking time out to do as he pleases! one day i will make it back to the UK, but i aint in a hurry!

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