You spin me right round baby right round………

Pain! Pain and suffering! Why do we have these feelings? Is it to tell us life isnt always unicorns and rainbows? Or is it just like everything else, a consequence of life itself? Let’s start at the beginning! (Well, you’ll see where this is going if you read on) last night (not drunk) I watched a programme about the very first second of the universe! (Yup, it’s a metaphysical rant) I watched intently as I was sure someone was going tell me the how and the why (both in universal terms AND singular) how did it happen, why did it happen, but more interestingly was there anything before that second (to cause the why and how)   

Apparently blind faith and ignorance rules the time before time. Faith in that scientists still can’t tell us why it happened (even though they are committed to killing us all with trying to recreate the Big Bang) and ignorance of anything before that event because ‘it doesn’t matter’ according to one emminant soothsayer! I bring all this up because, again, according to them, everything that was, is and will be came from a singular point (but was everywhere????) so why do we feel pain and suffering! 

It’s obviously a man made term for something undefined! Some feel pain at loss (I do not) some feel empathetic pain for others in worse situations than themselves (I do not) some suffer through life’s injustice (I have not) and some suffer the slings and arrows of whatever Shakespeare prattled on about (I never did) physical pain I adhere to with gusto. Playing badminton last night I twisted me back with a controversial move to smack the feathery ball back to my brothers face to gain a point. I suffered from that point on with walking  like the Macdonald arches for the rest of the game.   

So pain and suffering! Real? Made up? It doesn’t matter. My point? If you feel it, it’s genuine to you. Trying to convince someone the feelings in your heart and ‘Soul’ are really happening is a leap of faith for that other person to believe, but reciprocated, it’s essential YOU believe. To all those living with it, masked by family and friendship values, I commend you, but I also pity you because this world (and us) are made of stardust. We ‘feel’ but cannot be felt, we empathise, but cannot feel the empathy of others. We here words that others want us to hear, but that’s all they are, words. It’s a leap of faith from our ignorance of what went before. (Maybe the universe isn’t wrong! Maybe it is. I can’t feel it’s pain) 

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Ex soldier, father, party girl and generally nice guy taking time out to do as he pleases! one day i will make it back to the UK, but i aint in a hurry!

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