I’m turning Japanese, and there ain’t no vapours!

Today was pencilled in for a visit from my dude at ‘Veterans UK’ cept he is on leave so another guy came round! Now when I’m told nine o’clock I expect around nine o’clock. Imagine my surprise when the fucking door bell rang at eight thirty (who gets up and works at that time anymore?) anyway, a new bloke tipped up and immeadiatly refused a cup of tea!!! Nothing wrong there you say? But wait, Alan (me first dude) always has a brew and thus sets us up for about an hours work (sometimes longer) 

Well this sort of set the tone for the quickness of the visit really! John came in, sat down, filled me forms out as much as he wanted then left!! He took everything away with him, forms from the government, my forms from my head doctors, my prescription and various letters from other entities! (I’m not saying what he did was wrong, just…..different) now I sat alone at quarter past nine not quite knowing what to do next! My morning schedule had been buggered up by efficiency! 

(Just threw that in coz I can) I know my day normally takes on a ‘Meh’ tone when i have nothing to do, but normally it’s after the top hour has disappeared! So now I had three hours extra of nothing to do. Tidy up? Colour in? What? What do you do when you KNOW you have nothing to do. No point going to bed as you’ve got out of that for a reason! Switching on the Internet is a bad idea as its full of shiny things to buy and telly is really shite in the morning (how do people do it?) 

(I only put this one up because I have just purchased the table you saw yesterday, or the other day. I can’t remember) anyway (again) I found an excuse to leave the flat (otherwise I would have boiled me head). With a heavy heart I drove to Nandos (I like a cheeky Nandos),  and I STILL get away with using me MOD 90. But no other shops, well apart from the shop where I got the table from. And perhaps TK Maxx and maybe the Disney shop! Oh shit, it’s a walk around!!!!!! I should have put the internet on 😦

Published by dec247h

Ex soldier, father, party girl and generally nice guy taking time out to do as he pleases! one day i will make it back to the UK, but i aint in a hurry!

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