Never opened myself this way. Life is ours, we live it our way.All these words I don’t just say……..

Anonymity! Why do some of us strive for it while others bask in the light of vainglorious self absorbsion? (Wow, that’s a bit strong for a first line isn’t it?).  Trying to live “Off Grid” is something positively frown at by the authorities, you’re not allowed to live like ‘Tom’ and ‘Barbara’ anymore because you are needed to be accountable to higher authirities all the time. But who are these higher authorities? Local government? National government? The elite? Whoever it is, they will never be happy if you don’t make them rich. (Yes it’s a rant on the ‘chattering’ classes today, feel free to find something else to read, the exit button is right there. I don’t mind)  

I’ve done my time, (you may argue I’m only young, but let me tell you, my mind body and soul couldn’t take much more ‘working for the man’) I’ve lived some good times and obviously some bad times, I’ve forgotten some of the stupid shit ive done (sometimes for the best) so why is it that I couldn’t find a laptop down the back of me sofa, but some dodgy credit company has found (no no, PROOVED to have found) a guy with the same name as someone they are after from many many years ago.? As debts go, this is a doozy! Whoever took it out need kneecapping (if only for having the same name as me) 

So I’ve ‘Retired’ for now, I’m planning on a degree course which will eat up the next four years of my life (being in ejukashun is better than being in me house watching the plants grow) but all I get is people asking why I’m not working? Why am I on benefits (I’m actually NOT, I’m on a pension) and why don’t I want to go out and get a job. Well I tried. I tried quite a few actually. Except every now and then (mainly now) I have a little wobble and want to throw people into pits with a lighted match and a can of petrol! (Not just anyone you understand, just the arseholes who piss me off)   

So to the nosey parkers (I haven’t heard that expression in years, let’s bring it back) keep your eyes off what I have, keep your mouths from dropping open like a fish when I walk past without a care, and think why are you being suspicious of a guy who doesn’t NEED to work? Well I don’t choose NOT to work. I don’t choose to be like the way I am, I don’t choose to be alone, I don’t feel I owe anyone an explanation (only the ones that matter). If you know me, cool. If you don’t know me, why not try to get to know me, then it will be an informed opinion that you think I’m a cunt 🙂 

Published by dec247h

Ex soldier, father, party girl and generally nice guy taking time out to do as he pleases! one day i will make it back to the UK, but i aint in a hurry!

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