I got the blues, please come see.

The day that was a blight when I was working! The last day of the freedom from the enslavement that was the weekend (unless it’s a bank holiday of course) but it’s NOT a bank holiday. It’s a day when I had thought of waking early and going out for a beautifully cooked lamb dinner! (Oh me mouth is dripping remembering the last one I had at ‘The Red Kite’). Anyway! That was the plan but as always in my life recently, my plans don’t always go…….to plan!

Since my bed took on a rather comfy feel this morning, my alarm was ignored and I rolled over pulling the duvet over me head. Three hours later I couldn’t stop the daylight invading my room any longer. Bollocks! I really should get up. As I showered I knew I had no chance of meeting my arranged time, so dulcetley I sent texts to my dismay 🤕. So what to do now? (I really shouldn’t go into a weekend without a proper plan). Let’s have a clean out of my large storage areas! 

The HUGE cupboard at the top of my stairs has been slowly filling up with shit for the last year or so now (two Japanese families were making a living doing laundry in the back im sure) so it really was time to have a look. (All I went in there for was to find a product number for my ‘Microsoft Office’ on a disc in a box) two trips to the top later and I realise it’s in a draw in me bedroom! Not to worry, I have a space in me flat now that I haven’t had since I moved in.

A winters Sunday with nothing planned is a dangerous situation for any man to be in, wether married or single something will always be found to fuck his day up from doing as little as possible. So after me road trip to the tip, I decided a shopping trip and a beach trip would be perfect to round off the nothingness of weekend work. It didn’t help that I had been out last night and was suffering the remnants of a small hangover (more like a throb of a tight fitting cap) so essentials bought, and a seat at the seaside cafe eating tea cakes drinking earl grey would be looked into. The home and sleep until late afternoon ! Oops! The weekend is gone now! Bugger! 

Published by dec247h

Ex soldier, father, party girl and generally nice guy taking time out to do as he pleases! one day i will make it back to the UK, but i aint in a hurry!

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