Saturday night at the movies. 

########SPOILER ALERT########

I’m going to use lots of expletives in this tirade, words such as ‘Fuck’, ‘Wanker’, ‘Cock’ and Cunt. With possibly a few others that I’ve just made up, but first let’s start with a , not so much blanket, more of a ‘throw’of a chastisement. If you drive a BMW (and I RIDE a BMW) look down the steering column behind the big spinney thing (your steering wheel) and you may notice a stork jutting out. This stork does many things! One of them, and by no means the least important, is to indicate your intent to turn your vehicle left or right, thus giving other road users a bit of an idea where you are intending to go! (I have a few friends who drive these cars, but if the cap fits) so why not use it, it’s called an ‘indicator stalk’ (good stuff this engineering lark innit?) 

Notice I didn’t swear about them!  I’m wanting really to swear about me! Yes me. I’m a complete dick (most of you knew that anyway) but in these last few days I’ve tried to recapture a life I loved! But that life was walked away from ages ago while I was in a bit of a frigile state of mind (that’s not really an excuse) and it wasn’t until I realised I wasn’t ready for it that I saw what I was doing! I could have buggered up someone else’s life all over again without any thought for the future! So in that respect I was a cunt! A full scale wanker who thought his head was in the right place.

So, I apologise! I sincerely apologise from the bottom of my stone heart! I apologise for thinking I could handle life again. I apologise for making you feel the way you felt! (It’s not often I actually make these blogs personal but I needed to get this out in the open) I don’t point names or name fingers! So privacy is assured! I’m too afraid to ring now, afraid of what I’ve done to us. You asked me not to lie, and I’m not. I’m being as truthful as I have ever been online! The reason this is being written on this medium is because I put my life on here so I can keep track of the ups, the downs, the whoop diddly oops and the how’s your father Mrs Miggins? 

If I’ve made a mistake by writing this on here (MY personal page) then never let it be said that I didn’t use my indicators! I don’t use spoiler alerts at all, except for today! Bugger!

Published by dec247h

Ex soldier, father, party girl and generally nice guy taking time out to do as he pleases! one day i will make it back to the UK, but i aint in a hurry!

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