You only live twicw

Not sure if it’s been used before but it seems apt for this day and age! Once for you and once for your dreams! Anyway!  Today! Crap weather, crap all I can do and feeling crap! Oh it’s only a blocked up nose that has kept me awake all night (my fault really as I shoved me finger up it early on and the blood flowed freely……. Down me throat making me cough then sneeze! (It looked like an Daesh beheading video on me bed). I wasn’t aware that your blood congealed as it slides into your body if it’s not in Vains. It does! And it’s RANK! 

Sorry I just saw something that made me guffaw out loud! I’m in the central bean coffee shop just killing time until my appointment today and an older couple just hove into view! The old stick up the arse pair walked in the rain with faces of thunder, yet the old bird held her umbrella aloft above both of them while the husband had his hand in his pockets! Being equally as miserable for no reason! I hate this place sometimes because they just arnt happy with life at all (even though it’s one of the more affluent places around here)

And here is the reason I’m pleased I don’t smoke anymore, when you are that desperate for a fag you stand in the rain when your partner is all warm and cosy drinking a brew! To the point…… I was trawling through my old Mac last night, having a remeniss with the songs and photographs on there when I came across a load of stuff depicting life in a different time and a different place! As I continued to go through the files, a smile crawled over my face at the happy memories they relived. (All sort of leading on from yesterday’s blurb oddly)

So life back then wasn’t all that bad was it? Many many happy memories outweigh the bad ones, but bad ones I concocted myself in this addled mind of mine. From my time in the Army, through the  subsequent years into modern times! We all have memories, some of are good enough to shun the bad and concentrate on the good! Some of us only live in the blackness of depression! Making dark these few shady ones! My point? Stop judging shit for what you believed it was and start living today! Whatever happened to you way back when, it hasn’t killed you! Make more memories 🙂

Published by dec247h

Ex soldier, father, party girl and generally nice guy taking time out to do as he pleases! one day i will make it back to the UK, but i aint in a hurry!

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