Blue Monday

Regrets, who doesn’t have them? I bet even the son of God had a couple! (Yes I know he’s fictional) but I would wager at some point in everyone’s life, we’ve all had them. Mine are many! Well when I say many, I mean Legion! I don’t the there is even a season gone past in my time on this planter that I haven’t done something stupid! Some can be rectified, some can be forgotten, but still some are that messed up that even a new life can’t erase the regret of doing the wrong things (no matter what the circumstances, right OR wrong)  

 In these last few days I’ve trembled at the memories of years gone by. I’ve lamented the moments that changed my course in this life, but have I regretted? At the time no, but now? In this better place? Of course I have. I look back with fondness on my travels since I left the Army. I look at the places I’ve been, the people I’ve met, the bonds I’ve made and the ties I’ve broken. This is what makes me, me! If I had stayed in those places or done the things I should have, then perhaps I wouldn’t be sitting here now burning out my mouth with the hottest soup in the world trying to warm up on this gloomy day!   

Travel again? Shucks yeah! I’ve got this Autumn sorted (hopefully) with college and learning, then the next three years at a university drinking beer smoking drugs and doing students! (Let’s put that right shall we?) I’ll be studying, keeping as far away from drugs as I do now and not touching the students with yours!(but I can dream) so from now until the Autumn, I can get meself away travelling! I’m thinking the Baltic Sea area on me bike! I’ll look into that when I have a plan nailed down 🙂  

Published by dec247h

Ex soldier, father, party girl and generally nice guy taking time out to do as he pleases! one day i will make it back to the UK, but i aint in a hurry!

2 thoughts on “Blue Monday

  1. Regrets and mistakes are what make us. I have more than you can shake a stick at – if you want to go into s biding war then I’m game as I think I’ve had more! (Well, more than the average person, but less than a bomb welding dictator).

    If you let them eat you up then they will and then they’ll come back for afters (well, that’s what my therapist says – but he was a knob). Regret turns to anger, anger leads to …. Ok, your Star Wars addiction has even managed to plough its way into this reply).

    Top and bottom of it young man is forget the shit, set it to the side (granted, not easy), turn the page and live it! Live it in the name of the regrets and mistakes.

    As s great person once said (aka me) either fuck the world or the world will fuck you!!

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